Offered Services:

  • Development of monitoring networks for urban and industrial sites
  • Technical support to local administration and Agencies in the field of air pollution
  • Interpretation of air pollution data
  • High training in air pollution for public administrations, university, research centres
  • Evaluation of environmental impact of large infrastructures (Railways, highways, airports etc.)
  • Interpretation of remote sensing data and integration with air pollution monitoring network.
  • Environmental impact of industrial emissions.
  • Assistance for administrative authorizations and incumbencies in air pollution emissions from plants
  • Planning monitoring air pollution and stations in remote areas
  • Coordination and management of air pollution related projects
  • Management of air pollution data with reference to effects on public health
  • Evaluation of dust deposed in urban areas, industrial areas and construction sites
  • Evaluation of apparatuses for the monitoring of PM10 and PM2,5
  • Development of new devices and instrumentation for the sampling and analysis of air pollutants
  • Drafting of technical reports and scientific papers