•   Passive Samplers for gaseous pollutants

•   Automatic sampler for passive devices

•   Annular denuders for the simultaneous collection of reactive gases and particulate matter

•   Automatic sampler for Annular denuders and particulate matter (PM10 and PM2,5)

Instruments development and availability by ENVINT srl

ENVINT srl is very active in the development of new instruments and apparatuses for the monitoring of atmospheric pollution. This is made possible through technical cooperation with highly skilled companies involved in mechanical and electronic design as well as in software development. The main goal of ENVINT srl is the development of simple and friendly using instruments and devices especially designed for a low cost and extensive application in developing Countries where conventional monitoring networks are not yet fully developed. In addition, the instruments are intended to complement monitoring network in order to increase time and space resolution of air pollution information and/or data.