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Nano colla

Nano collagen and Conservation of ancient and aged membranaceous manuscripts

PoC project: Nano collagen and Conservation of ancient and aged membranaceous manuscripts


Activities of the PoC project. The main activity of the Nano colla project is to synthesize an innovative, eco-sustainable and low environmental impact nanostructured product on an industrial scale to protect and preserve Cultural Heritage, especially indoor ones (such as manuscripts and archival assets preserved in Historical Archives and Libraries, museums, display cases, etc.). The scalable synthesis was possible thanks to the realization of electrophoretic cells placed in series capable of producing 100 g of nano collagen (or nano colla) in 5 working days.


The purpose of the project is to use this Nano colla on Historical Cultural Heritage surfaces and Art-Work objects (especially subject to the protection of National Ministry of Cultural Heritage) with the aim of conserving, protecting, enhancing and better enjoying the Cultural Heritage and historical surfaces. The Nano colla represents a highly performing consolidating (and reinforcing) agent, especially towards the membranaceous aged manuscripts (based on parchment and leather materials).


In order to verify if the objective / purpose of the project has been fully achieved, a second activity of the project involved the conception, design and engineering of a portable, miniaturized, chemically inert device capable of evaluating (directly on Cultural Heritage surfaces) the deposition rate of chemical pollutants (gaseous and / or solid pollutants such as fine dust) and also the damage function (due to the interaction between polluting chemical species and the historical surfaces and art-work objects).

Descriptive images

Figure 1. Design drawing of the laboratory electrophoretic cell, for micro scale production.

Figure 2. Plant actually built at the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory of the Department of Chemical Sciences and Technologies (University of Rome Tor Vergata) for the production of 10g of nano glue in 5 days.

Figure 3. Electrophoretic cells in series for the scalable production of 100g in 5 working days.


Video 1. Video of the assembly of the Electrophoretic Cell.