Graphene Oxide

  First-principle study of the interaction between NO2 molecule and graphene sheets, as well as epoxy or hydroxyl groups functionalized graphene. Reproduced by the permission of (Guo et al. 2018). In the framework of SENSAEROGRAPH, the Sciences and Chemical Technologies Department of University Rome 2 “Tor Vergata” will provide functionalized graphene oxide nano sheets, by applying a large-scale mass production electrochemical exfoliation of a micrometric graphite anode. The final graphene product will be a green chemistry carbon-based nanomaterial, eco-friendly nanoplatform suitable for NOx gas sensing. The electrochemical exfoliation will be carried out in a aqueous saline baths, without chemical secondary residual products. The final graphene oxide will represent a sensitive transducer toward NO2 gaseous pollutant adsorption, especially due to the presence of hydroxyl groups, with which it establishes a hydrogen bond with NO2 pollutant. According to this, Tor Vergata will provide innovative graphene modified gas sensitive membranes to assemble the passive sampler Analyst, having higher sensitivity and selectivity toward NOx gaseous pollutants. Finally, this membrane will become a working electrode, to create an electrochemical cell (with the presence of the printed reference and auxiliary electrodes, respectively)  in order to make Analyst an active sensor.