SENSAEROGRAPH is an initiative which is part of a POR-FESR promoted by Lazio Region and having the objective to promote joint research activities within enterprises and public/private research centres in order to

Improve technological innovations. University of Rome 2 “Tor Vergata” and the University of Cassino proposed a set of project in the area of “aerospace” which can be found in INGEGNERIA UNIROMA 2 Progetti Strategici .

SENSAEROGRAPH has the final objective to develop new sensors, based on functionalised Graphene and Graphene derivate in order to detect gaseous species in “aerospace” environments. This kind of sensors need to be small, lightweight, low energy and easily interfaced to a data acquisition system. The project will carried out by ENVINT and the Department of Chemistry at University of Rome 2 “Tor Vergata”. It will be developed through new functionalised Graphene membranes in order to make selective sensors, characterised by high sensitivity and high rejection rate for potential interfering species. The project also includes the development of sensors based on molecular diffusion integrated by a proper amperometric or potentiometric circuit which includes an ion-selective electrode. The sensors can find important applications in many field of science and applied technology. They include pollution in atmospheric environments, indoor pollution (Schools, hospitals, homes) and applications in air pollution monitoring where a large number of sensors can assist monitoring networks to improve the spatial resolution. On 26th October 2020, SENSAEROGRAPH received an important acknowledgment from Almaviva in the regional competition Start Cup Lazio 2020, by Lazio Innova.