Objectives of the project


Objectives of project

The project aims to develop gas sensors using a combination of ANALYST diffusion devices. These are characterized by a membrane on which the selected gas, or a gas mixture, is irreversibly deposited.

In this way, a mass flow of the gases in question is created which can then be analysed in the laboratory.

In this configuration, the system, although very useful for its analytical applications, does not provide real-time data and therefore is not suitable for continuous monitoring of selected gases.

These systems can use Graphene membranes suitably treated in order to generate an electrical signal that can be acquired and which is a direct function of the concentration of the gases in real time.

The new sensors to be developed are characterized by low cost and therefore able to attack the current market for gas analysis instrumentation.

They appear very promising as their dimensions are also very limited and therefore can find immediate applications in environments where speed of response coupled with sensitivity and precision of an analytical type, and therefore reliability, is required.

In fact, the ANALYST diffusion system has been the subject of extensive chemical-physical evaluations which have resulted in its complete fluido-dynamic characterization.

The coupling with an electronic measuring device integrates these features to arrive at more complete devices with more flexible and competitive applications.